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Make your OC crossovering given setting. Any author welcome. All mediums accepted. There are seven prizes. Contestants themselves choose winners. Let your OC be involved in an adventure.

Contest theme

Show your OC in crossover with Vapama’s, Dark Rose’s  or Kithholme's elements. There are two possibilities:

First is your OC in a garment and background borrowed directly from Vapama, Dark Rose or Kithholme. It must be easy to notice.

Second is showing your OC with any of Vapama’s or Dark Rose’s characters. They supposed to helping each other or competing to get a legendary blade, that is a symbol of power to adjudicate “things that are Caesar's”. "Competing" means fighting, brawing, seting a trap, conspiring against. No holds barred to get the legendary Blade.

If in doubt: let the audience see more of your original character than character from Vapama, Adwerna or Kitholme. Make the setting recognizable - featuring Vapama, Adwerna or Kitholme characters or not. 


:iconvapama: :iconinnergarden: :iconkitholme:


Kaisha Hasib - guess who by Akaszik

Adwerna of "Dark Rose" novel
Dark Rose by anndr


Kithholme by Akaszik


  • Contest started at the moment when it was announced
  • Date before which another setting  must be claimed: 28th February 2015
  • Entries deadline: 10th May 2015
  • Voting: from 11th to 17th May 2015
  • Results announcement: 18thMay 2015


To make an entry you should:

  1. Create your art-work and submit it do DA
  2. Mention setting's author(s) of a setting(s) you made a crossover
  3. Leave a comment under this journal entry

Collabs and multiple entries are allowed. Authors of featured settings are allowed.

If you use other artist's materials (bases, stoc images etc.), it must be allowed for this purpose.

Your entry should contain easily recognizable Vapama’s, Dark Rose’s or Kithholme's garment, background or character(s). I reserve the right to not allow an artwork in a contest, when I and Dark Rose’s author both do not have the faintest idea what elements are borrowed. Also please no extreme violence and obscene things.


After deadline for making an entry, all participants choose winners. Each person who submitted the crossover would have the right to put in a comment under new journal entry pointing which taking part art-work  likes the most. Time for doing so is from  11th to 17th May 2015.

To be sure you not miss voting, you may watch me for a while subscribing this journal – you would be notified in your message canter about new entry.

First traditional art on a ranking list win “Most liked traditional” prize. First digital art on the ranking list win “Most liked digital” prize. First cosplay, writing, sculpture etc. art win “Most liked other media” prize. Of course one of these will be a number one on the ranking list and this art-work win also “Grand Prix” prize.


Most liked traditional

:trophy: Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
:bow: Feature in Favorites accordingly in Vapama, innergarden or KITHOLME
:points:  123 da Points from Akaszik
:points:  10 da Points from Sharka-Larim
:points:  10 da Points from Raqonteur

Most liked digital

:trophy: Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
:bow: Feature in Favorites accordingly in Vapama, innergarden or KITHOLME
:points:  123 da Points from Akaszik
:points:  10 da Points from Sharka-Larim
:points:  10 da Points from Raqonteur

Most liked other media
(cosplay, writing, sculpture)

:trophy: Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
:bow: Feature in Favorites accordingly in Vapama, innergarden or KITHOLME
:points:  123 da Points from Akaszik
:points:  10 da Points from Sharka-Larim
:points:  10 da Points from Raqonteur

Grand Prix, this contest number one

:points: 396 da Points from Akaszik (having them you may afford a month Premium Membership)
:deviation: A fully shaded pencil sketch from 

Akaszik’s Favorite
:teddy: Request watercolor, ink,  pencil or colorpencil image A4 + shipment the physical item to you

Sharka’s  Favorite
:teddy: Crotched bookmark with an image of choice + shipment the physical item to you

Raqonteur's Favorite
:deviation: A request of any type


You may enrich any of “Most liked…” prizes with: sketch, feature , five or more da Points. Comment stating what to which prize you add, please, leave under this journal entry a

You may stand your favorite author: a full blown request, physical item or 396 da Points within your "Favorite" prize. Leave a comment what it will be.

Read it all once again. In any doubt send me a note. Let’s have fun!

This contest entries

Amber  Arukone 001 by Ka-Kind

Contest Entry - Reflections - Part 1 -REFLECTIONS – An Amber Hunt Story.
By John Paul Dodds
I woke with a scream.  Something cold and wet was gently yet insistently pressing itself against my leg under the bed covers.  I threw off the covers in a panic.  There was something small and furry in the bed with me.  A mammal!  It looked up at me and made a mewling sound.
I scrambled back against the headboard in fright.
“Well, you will feed them, Moll”, a girl told me from across the room.  I jumped again.  Who was Moll.  What was this girl doing in my room...
Except it wasn't my room.  I was in a dormitory.
I belatedly remembered my blankets, and reached for them to pull them up and cover myself.  I don't like people seeing me undressed.  I don't like them staring at the patches of scales that mark me as a Kindred.  A half-blood.  As something less than Human.  Or Kith.
And what I saw as I did stunned me.
Slender, even skinny legs, ta

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